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National Anthem Protocol



Following is the response the NCHSAA has utilized regarding inquiries from the press and general public.

"The NCHSAA is aware that some individuals, be they players, coaches or  officials, are exercising their rights under the First  Amendment by kneeling during the National Anthem. At the  NCHSAA, we are proud of our nation’s military and the men  and women in many uniforms who serve under our colors. We  also know that this act of speech is protected by the  Constitution of our nation, a document containing the rights  and freedoms that those men and women fought to preserve and  defend. With that in mind, we respect each individual’s  right to stand, kneel or otherwise exercise their rights under the First Amendment."


Following is the WNCSO protocol.

WNCSO recognizes your right to miss, stand, kneel, or a host of other demonstrations that have permeated the atmosphere around our national anthem.  However we also owe our member schools the common courtesy and decency of alerting them of such expression because of the immense liability they face concerning game site safety.  The vitriol these demonstrations create has forced the association and your Regional Supervisor to enact the following policy:


If any official working as an independent contractor for WNCSO finds it necessary to exercise his or her constitutional right to demonstrate, you will be required to notify your supervisor/assignor of such action, who in turn will notify the school to ensure there is adequate security available for any outside reactions related to your decision.  Failure to notify the supervisor of such decision will cause your independent contractor status with WNCSO to become voided.











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